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What to expect


We want you to feel comfortable and confident even before you walk into our office. We know it helps to understand what to expect during your visit--especially if it's your first appointment or you are receiving a new treatment/service. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.



Your First Visit

During your first visit to Front Range Dental, we will give you a new patient exam, which includes a comprensive examination of teeth and gums, an oral cancer screening and an evaluation of your jaw joint. You will meet Dr. Luce and his team, who will listen to any concerns you may have as we discuss your current dental health. We will dicuss any treatments you may need and schedule a routine cleaning. To save time in the waiting room, fill out our forms before you arrive. 

Routine Exam & Cleaning

During a routine cleaning, we will removed accumulated plaque and tarter from the teeth that brushing alone leaves behind.  Your teeth are also polished. Patients' usually set cleaning appointments every six months. However, some patients may need to be seen more frequently because they may build up tarter faster than usual.

A exam is  typically done when you get a cleaning. We check for cavities and deterioration of older restorations that may need to be replaced, the health of the gums with an updated periodontal evaluation, and a screening for oral cancer. These appointments usually take about one hour. 


Peridontal Cleaning

Periodontal cleanings are for treating patients with periodontal disease, which causes tissue infection and bone deterioration. This requires a more extensive cleaning procedure to remove the bacteria and tarter that develop under the gum line. Periodontal tissue pockets often need to be treated with a mild local anesthsia in order to comfortably remove these bacterial deposits. Depending on the severity of the condition, multiple 1-hour appointments may be required.  Peridontal cleanings take about one hour.


If  a cavity is discovered during your appointment, it can usually be filled during the same visit (as the schedule allows). It typically takes about 30 minutes. We remove the area of decay or defective older filling is removed. Most patients prefer tooth-colored composite fillings. These are excellent restorations as long as they are not too big. Larger fillings or areas of decay may require ceramic fillings or crowns done to provide necessary strength to the tooth.

General dentistry
First Visit



Ceramic crowns are quickly becoming the standard for the esthetic rehabilitation of broken, worn teeth. Restoring teeth with durable materials that look just like natural teeth has been a revolutionary advance in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Luce can often design, create, and fit ceramic crowns in a single appointment, which usually take 1.5 hours. (Lab fabricated crowns take two appts about two weeks apart.)  


Ceramic as well as composite filling materials can be used to restore teeth with beautiful life-like characteristics. In some cases, other restorative materials such as gold, may be a better option. We help guide our patients through the process of choosing a filling material that is going to provide the greatest strength and longevity to the restored tooth.

Root Canal

Root canals are the way that we preserve a tooth that develops a dead or dying nerve. Deep decay, tooth fractures and trauma are the most common causes of pulpal deterioration in patient’s teeth. A properly treated tooth will be pain-free and remain functional for years. Additional procedures, such as full coverage crowns, may be necessary to provide reconstructive and functional strength. Generally, a root canal procedure takes about one hour and, in most cases, can be completed in one visit.


A patient in need of a permanent replacement for one or more missing teeth can be fitted with a fixed bridge. Bridges are bonded to the anchor teeth around the missing tooth space and are a comfortable solution to restore these areas for patients who want teeth that look and feel as natural as their own. Generally, the procedure takes between one to two hours for the first visit and about a half hour for the cementation appointment.

Porcelain Veeners

Veneers are lab -fabricated ceramic facings that are placed over existing teeth, creating the appearance of whiter, straighter, more uniform teeth. However, veneers aren't purely cosmetic. While they do improve your smile, veneers can also improve functional problems that patients might have due advanced wear and fracturing. Correcting problems with the front teeth can lead to improved TMJ comfort as well as reducing the amount of wear on back teeth associated with grinding and clenching. The process takes two visits: one to two hours for the first, and one hour for the second visit. 




Essentially a new titanium tooth root, implants are surgically placed into the jaw bone and allowed to heal in place for a period of time. Once integrated into the bone, the implant can be used to support a crown or variety of precision attachments that allow for permanent replacement of missing teeth.


We generally need to take a preoperative x-ray to verify adequate bone and plan for the use of the correct sized implant. The implant procedure takes about one hour and, the patient will need to come back in one week to have sutures removed. After the implant has successfully integrated with the bone (3-4 months), we can begin the restorative procedure. Each case is unique, but it usually takes two to four appointments to have an implant replacement tooth completed. 


We provide a full range of denture restorations in our office. Depending on a patient’s needs, complete (full) or partial dentures can restore the ability to chew and smile with confidence. While all dentures are removable, extra care is taken to provide a precise fit that allows patients to wear them with stability and comfort.


Dentures usually take three to four appointments to complete the process. Each visit is brief (30 minutes), but they are critical to a successful outcome, giving us an accurate representation of shape of the jaws and how the patient will function once the prosthesis is in place. Care in selecting teeth that appear natural and compliment your original teeth will give you the best long term appearance. 


If you are concerned about loose dentures, ask about implant retention. Dentures can be stabilized with implants that help hold the denture snugly in place. 

TMJ Therapy

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD) is a general term used for a variety of malfunctions in the way the lower jaw works with the upper jaw. TMD can cause pain in the joints or jaw muscles that allow us to open our mouths, chew, talk and swallow.The problem can be in the joint component, as well as in the muscles that allow the joint to move. Without treatment, TMD can lead to chronic pain and reduced functionality in the associated muscles.


Symptoms include clicking, popping or locking of the jaw, pain or soreness in the jaw muscles, headaches, neck pain, and grinding and clenching of the teeth (bruxing).


Treatment can ease a patient’s discomfort over time. Careful diagnosis for the most conservative treatment is key to developing a successful treatment plan. Treatments range from custom bite splints to more advance corrections in the way the teeth fit together. Many cases, if treated soon enough, may reduce the chances of costly TMJ surgery.

Restorative Dentistry
Root Canal


Chipped Tooth

A small chip in a tooth can quickly be smoothed and recontoured to look natural. If too much tooth structure is missing, a tooth-colored composite restoration can be completed. Sometimes larger fractures require crowns or veneers to restore the tooth and provide additional strength. 

Teeth Whitening

We offer different teeth whitening options, but most of our patients prefer the take-home whitening treatments, which work over a period of time. The are also typically the most economical selections. These products often show the greatest results after the first week of useage. Beyond that, additional time is used to even out any color gradients in the teeth that can develop due to varying thicknesses of tooth structure.

We do offer in-office treatments, however these are generally to whiten one or two discolored teeth to match the others, not the entire mouth. Sensitivity can be greater with the in-office products as well due to the higher concentrations of the whitening product. In-office whitening usually takes about an hour, and a second touch-up appointment  may be necessary.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are lab -fabricated ceramic facings that are placed over existing teeth, creating the appearance of whiter, straighter, more uniform teeth. However, veneers aren't purely cosmetic. While they do improve your smile, veneers can also improve functional problems that patients might have due advanced wear and fracturing. Correcting problems with the front teeth can lead to improved TMJ comfort as well as reducing the amount of wear on back teeth associated with grinding and clenching. The process takes two visits: one to two hours for the first, and one hour for the second visit. 

Esthetic Recontouring

Recontouring is a process where we can reshape teeth that might be too angular or have rough, ragged edges.  Dr. Luce can reshape and polish slight chips and imperfections to restore a patient’s confidence in their smile. Esthetic recontouring is a fairly conservative procedure that rarely requires anesthetic and can be completed quickly. Teeth that require more extreme or complex reshaping may require restorative procedures like a veneer or composite bonding.


Cosmetic Dentistry
teeth whitening
Chipped Tooth
Laser Dentistry


Solea Laser Dentistry

Solea is the first CO2 dental laser system cleared by the FDA for both hard and soft tissue procedures. Using a unique wavelength guided by sophisticated computers, it delivers virtually painless procedures on both teeth and gums, from simple cavities to complex gum surgeries. These procedures can be completed in a fraction of the standard time--with no anesthesia and very little bleeding--which means you leave the office with no numbing effects and very little soreness.


We offer the following Solea procedures

  • Cavities filled in both permanent and primary (baby) teeth

  • Gum tissue recontouring for improved esthetics and health

  • Cold sore treatments for patients with recurring, painful mouth sores.

Solea Sleep

Solea Sleep is a non-invasive,  5-minute treatment that provides rapid relief to people who snore. Solea’s specific wavelength allows the laser gently tightens the collagen fibers of the soft palate tissue in just one session. This opens up the airway and reduces vibrations that cause patients to snore and disrupt sleep. 

Solea Sleep


No one ever plans to have a dental emergency, which is why we set time aside each day to care for unexpected problems that might arise. Our goal is to provide you with comfortable and affordable care to alleviate your discomfort. 


If you are a new patient with an emergency, Dr. Luce will do an immediate examination and discuss the dental problem. Once enough data is collection, a decision can be made on treatment and steps are taken to make the patient more comfortable. Fees are discussed prior to proceeding with any treatment. An appointment is also scheduled for a follow-up exam and treatment. 


While, Dr. Luce is avaliable outside of normal office hours for emergencies, this is typically only for current patients. 

For  immediate attention,  call at 303-425-4111.

Emergency Care


Front Range accepts most dental insurance programs. To ensure that we accept your insurance and to understand your benefits call or email us


We offer a payment option to benefit our patients. Need a low monthly payment? We can help you with interest-free financing through Care Credit. This payment program can be modified to meet the financial needs of most patients. Financing can help a patient start treatment right away, preventing more costly procedures that may be caused by delay.

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